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Updated: July 2015

Peter G is one of the youngest and funniest comedy magicians in South Africa. He has been performing the art of magic for the last 16 years. He holds  degrees in Human Resource Management, Financial planning and has won numerous acting awards. He performed in  the Seychelles where he wowed the Prince of Dubai, and has performed in the United Kingdom. He has made numerous appearances on 

television shows, radio shows and in magazines. Everyone that has seen him in action agrees that his sense of humour, quick wit and unbelievable illusions, makes for unforgettable entertainment. Peter G is is sharp with his tung and fast with his hands. He makes use of the audience in his shows, stealing their watches, swallowing balloons  and making predictions. He is truly different in his

profession as he has the best comedy timing and  his magic is mind- boggling. He’s mentor, Wolfgang Riebe, taught him the art  of magic. Wolfgang has performed in over 138 countries and Peter G received first hand training from Wolfgang . Peter G has performed at several corporate functions and golf days. The art of using clean comedy while at the same time mesmerising the audience is 

truly a talent. His motivational side is brilliant as he has a lot of leadership experience.  He was the head boy of his school, also acted in leadership positions at varsity, and now he is also a corporate leader.

Peter G believes that life is to short and that the true art of enjoying life lies in the fact that you must laugh, smile and have a positive attitude.


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Achievements and Awards

  • Assisted on two national TV Shows on SABC2 (Abracadabra & Master Magician) with the internationally known illusionist, Wolfgang Riebe.
  • Emceed at the Guinness World Book of Records Kissing challenge in Stellenbosch in 2008 which was attended by thousands of people.

  • Performed close-up magic at the South African Arts Festival in 2008.
  • Flown to the Seychelles to perform for the Prince of Dubai.
  • Various media appearances: on radio and in newspapers and magazines.
  • Performed in the United Kingdom for four weeks.
  • Studied in the Art of Magic under Wolfgang Riebe – the most successful magician in the history of South Africa.
  • Performed at various festivals and sold out shows in South Africa.
  • Appeared on the Fiesta national television program.
  • Performed with Top Billing star Jeannie D.
  • Performed at over 100 corporate shows and motivational speaking for companies. Previous clients include: Old Mutual, Sports Illustrated, magazine, Montego and received ample standing ovations.
  • Performed at a major educational event attended by important headmasters. 

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