How did I start off with Magic?
My dad said I was his first trick.

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This is what Peter G has to offer:


Cabaret Comedy

Peter G  a true legend in his time, being able to combine comedy with the art of magic. When he is not stealing a watch, he makes sudden appearances in spandex or a balaclava. His skill to include the audience in his performance makes it memorable for the entire crowd. He has performed for numerous  corporate golf days, bachelorettes etc. His one -man show will keep the audience entertained for hours.

Master Of Ceremonies

Peter G, the master of one-liners, is a brilliant MC. He has performed with great success at  Golf days, Corporates , Band festivals , Fund raisers and many more. The art of his magic and comedy captures the whole evening  and the fact that he can adjust the performance around one’s needs, makes it special. While a band has to  set up, Peter G will keep the audience busy. 

Motivational Speaking

Peter G has done motivational talks for schools, corporates, hotels, farmers and Ladies breakfasts. His art of combining magic with motivation, comedy and life experiences makes it an unforgettable experience. He focuses on putting the magic back into life. He does not believe in motivating people, but  he believes in changing an attitude. Magical is the acronym he makes use of.


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Three stages in a man's life:
Believe in Santa. Don't believe in Santa. Become Santa.



Peter G is one of the youngest and funniest comedy magicians in South Africa. He has been performing the art of magic for the last 16 years. He holds degrees in Human Resource Management, Financial planning and has won numerous acting awards. He performed in the Seychelles where he wowed the Prince of Dubai, and has performed in the United Kingdom.

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Customer Reviews

“What more do you want , the comedy that will make you cry from laughter and then the amazing magic - Best combination I have experienced in a while. It was truly MAGICAL.” - Albert, INVESTEC.

 “Peter G did a motivational chat, ‘Putting the Magic back in your Workplace’, and the combination of magic, life experiences, motivation and comedy was the ideal remedy for our staff. He inspired us and helped the staff to change their attitude completely.” Gary, CRYSTAL TOWERS.